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Oil & Energy Investor with Dr. Kent Moors

Dear Reader,

When Kent nailed six triple-digit winners of up to 542% last year with his new energy trading method

The hedge funds called it “a fluke.”

Even now that Kent has scored six more big wins since December 19th, Wall Street still calls his new moneymaking method “mathematically impossible.”

But all that talk is just a big smokescreen.

The success of Kent’s new trading method proves there’s a mathematical glitch in the model that hedge funds use to trade energy – an Achilles’ Heel they didn’t know about before Kent started exploiting it for huge gains.

Wall Street literally cannot fix this costly glitch. (Here’s why, in case you missed it.)

And they can’t stop the lucky few who know about it – you, for instance – from raking in massive potential returns at their expense.

Indeed, because you’re one of Kent’s readers, you’re entitled to all the details on this incredible new way of making money.

They’re all right here, in Kent’s newest research briefing.

This will be online until Monday.


Alex Williams
Publisher, Oil & Energy Investor

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