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The timely return of the 13.0 oil & gas royalty trust

Oil hit $105/bl and it’s headed higher. Whether you already own oil positions or not, consider the new oil & gas trusts with sky-high yields.

U.S. Oil and Gas Trusts Are Back: What’s the Next Millionaire-Making Prudhoe Bay?

U.S. oil and gas trusts are BACK and paying us huge yields up to 13%. Not since T. Boone Pickens started the oil trusts in the 1970s have we seen such a resurgence of quality trusts offering yields up to 13%.

Let me give you the details on my two favorite oil and gas trusts right now—one is mostly liquids-levered and the second is mostly oil. Both pay you yields that surpass the legendary, millionaire-making Prudhoe Bay Royalty Trust.

1) My first pick hides 13,000 feet below Western Oklahoma. It’s yielding 13.0% today and set to pay out even more tomorrow.

2) My second pick: a new oil trust yielding 11%. This trust just went public and owns royalty interests in 37 horizontal wells producing oil and liquids—with a stake in 123 additional wells to be drilled over the next few years. Already paying out an 11.1% yield, I realistically expect yields as high as 14%.

Please for my special report on the best bets from the all-new crop of oil and gas trusts.


Elliott Gue

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