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August 14, 2012  

Greetings, Gumshoe readers!


The folks at Big Yield Hunting are telling us that there’s a beaten down “loser” stock that is a play on both aluminum and building products (thus the “loser” bit) but that pays a sustainable 9.5% dividend and might also recover a bit in share price this year … so who is it?  Click here for the answers, Gumshoe style, in today’s new article.


Or read on if you missed yesterday’s fun …




This Tiny Biotech Out Of New York Is About To Soar By Almost 1,000% Or More

I hardly ever get emotional about the stocks I pick. But
this one looks like a doozie.

Company insiders at this biotech all of a sudden bought
2,000% MORE shares recently than ever before. A surefire sign something big is about to go down.

My team of analysts and I have already figured out a
strategy to play this pick (plus several dozen more
potential winners)… 



Elliott Gue has been pitching his Energy Strategist by promising info about his “#1 LNG Tanker Stock” … so what is it, and should you really “buy now?”  Click here to see our solution and a wee bit of Gumshoe opinion.


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