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Jay Leno’s Trillion Dollar Investing Tip — It’s No Joke


Read about this teaser revealed here: Jay Leno’s Trillion Dollar Investing Tip — It’s No Joke


Jay Leno’s Trillion Dollar Investing Tip


Wall Street know-it-alls laughed when we said the host of The Tonight Show was onto something. But it’s no joke — his favorite new gadget is launching a 21st-century industrial revolution that will end the “Made in China” era — and generate serious wealth for well-positioned American investors.

Dear Fellow Investor,

The Air Force already bought one. So did Rolls Royce, Black & Decker, and Chipotle. Jay Leno has one in his garage (but it’s not a car). And now that the sticker price has plummeted from $100,000 to $1,299, it won’t be long before everyone buys one.

Business Insider says it’s “the next trillion dollar industry.” The Economist has gone even further, comparing its potential impact to the steam engine and the printing press.

Too good to be true? Wall Street thinks so. Meanwhile, the guys who brought you the iPod and are true believers — and they’re getting ready for their next big score. You still have time to join them, if you act fast…

The opportunity to profit from a transformative technology like this comes along once in a lifetime. Technology experts say it could be “bigger than the internet.”

That’s why The Motley Fool has JUST RELEASED this stunning new video — to help individual investors like you jump on the 3 stocks that get you the biggest piece of the action. Because when the skeptics wise up, the big money will already be off the table.

Click here to see the impossible (but real) technology that could make you impossibly rich.

Mark Brooks

Mark Brooks

Executive Publisher,
Motley Fool Stock Advisor

P.S. Unlike most technology growth plays, these 3 companies are all profitable and soundly managed. One just doubled its free cash, another more than doubled its income, and the third one boosted its earnings per share by 28%. Our stunning report gives you the lowdown on how — and when — to invest in them. Watch now!




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