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Oil and Energy Investor with Dr. Kent Moors
Dear Reader,

We’ve already showed you what it can do…

But today I want you to hear about Keith Fitz-Gerald’s proprietary trading method from someone else… a subscriber.

I have always gone long on shares since I am not into options trading – yet. I have bought Toyota stock twice since your recommendation. Both times I purchased 1,000 shares when it fell into the $69/share range. The first time I sold it for a $4,000 gain and the second time I sold for a $6,500 gain (one more week would have gotten me another $2,000). These two transactions have netted me more than 5 times the cost of your newsletter… I have made a few smaller purchases as well that have netted me hundreds of dollars in profit. Each stock success gives me more and more confidence.

Keep the great recommendations coming!

~ George Z.

George isn’t alone.

Many Geiger Index subscribers have pulled down incredible gains. (You can hear more of their stories right here.)

Fact is, Keith’s track record is astounding – 64 out of 67 winning trades over the past three years.

So how’s he pulling this off?

He’ll show you today.

Just watch his presentation, which will be online for several days.

This is powerful stuff. Some of the math he’s using here is even used by the NSA. (That’s a good thing, as you’re about to see.)

And now you can use it, too.

Keith’s making it easy…

Just watch his presentation to find out how to get started. He’ll also show you why the win rate is so consistently high.

And wait until you see how much money you could make…


Alex Williams
Publisher, Oil & Energy Investor

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