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“George Bush’s Secret Retirement Legacy” — Stock Gumshoe Daily Update

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Stock Gumshoe Daily Update

Apr. 3, 2012   

Greetings, Gumshoe readers!

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The latest pitch from Dan Ferris for his 12% Letter is causing a flood of questions to come pouring through the mailbox here at Gumshoe HQ, so let’s dig into it — he’s telling us about “George Bush’s Secret Retirement Legacy” and how it’s going to lead to huge paychecks for savvy investors like you … sound enticing?  Well, of course it does!  Click here to see if the reality is as exciting as the tease. 


Or if you missed our chub-fighting commentary, just read on …




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If you’re like me, and perhaps had a few too many meatball sandwiches over the weekend … or a few too many carb-heavy beverages … then the promise of a fat-destroying drug sounds kind of appealing. Patrick Cox, who never saw a world-changing drug he didn’t like, is teasing us with his latest idea about a company whose treatment kills actual fat cells, which would obviously be a huge deal for our obesity epidemic if safe and effective, and which is going into Phase I trials now with potential wealth-making results to come.  So who is it?  Click here for the answers.




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