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Aman Group Philippines Incorporated

Aman Group Philippines Incorporated


This page has been put in place for our visitors from the Philippines.  We have received multiple requests for more information regarding a company called Aman Group Philippines Incorporated.

Information regarding this company is very sparse to say the least, yet there seems to be a great deal of interest in learning more, at least from Filipino Investors.

Aman Group Philppines Incorporated is a trading company from Malaysia with branches in Manila, Cebu and Mindanao. The company is engaged in certain commodities trading around Asia. It seems that this company and Aman Future Trading are related, however we can not confirm this.

There also has been some fraud warnings with perpetrators using this company’s name.  Read more about it here in this PDF from the SEC of the Philippines.

This is apparently a notice put out by Aman Future Trading or Aman Group Philippines Inc. about the above scam spreading around read it Aman trading group warns bogus investors using its biz name.

Here is some advice you can take to heart.  Anyone or any company that is promising any type of return should be held under considerable scrutiny.  No one can predict the future, there are no guarantees when it comes to investing other than, you can and will lose all your money if you are not careful.

Additionally, a person that does not represent the aforementioned companies has set up a blog to track more information about the Aman entities, that can be viewed here

As they say in Taglish…. Gud lak sa ‘yo, or Good luck to you.

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